Automate billing & payment

Services, contracts & payments on a single link. Ideal for high volume.


Clear scope of services

Clients love Tango because the scope of services and payment milestones are obvious.

Upsell with ease

Offer your clients add-on services such as book keeping or quarterly filings and let them self serve with a modern checkout process.

Manage change requests

As your client engagement evolves, easily version up your proposal to include additions. Get your client to accept the changes so everyone is always on the same page.

Manage clients with less effort

Your proposal URL is also a single place clients can find work you have completed, invoices, documents requiring review and discussions you have had.

Success Stories

Discover how we help world-class businesses automate their scope, contract and payment workflow.

Tyler leonard

Tyler Leonard


"Tango is a must for those in digital services. It has helped clean up our process making it simpler and more professional, enabling clients to easily review SoW, key terms and sign. The inclusion of optional work for future approval makes managing scope creep less complex."
Guillaume Cornet

Guillaume Cornet


"Clients want the buying experience to be simple. Tango allows me to consolidate my packages, costs, payment schedule and terms, into a single URL that is ready for a client sign and to pay. Deals get closed faster and more often and that is great for business."
Brandon Horvatic

Brandon Horvatic


"Tango is the standout tool at Yes, Chef for streamlining business operations. It has replaced our manual Google Doc proposals, automated contracts and invoices, and even saves client's time through Stripe integration. As an agency, minimizing admin tasks boosts our profitability, so essentially, Tango is an investment that pays for itself."
Jit Vaghani

Jit Vaghani


"Tango has helped us collect payments from our clients almost instantly. By letting the client leave their card on file, we charge their card as soon as the work is delivered. No more endless chasing of invoices."





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